Microscopic Examination
For Reliable Results

We examine your tests down to the last detail.

Comprehensive Advanced
Medical Laboratory

We do your health tests with our latest technological devices.

Leave It To The Professors
For The Best Clinical Trials

Get accurate results with our professional doctors in the field.

Latest Technological

We perform your health tests in a reliable environment with our latest technological devices.

Best Research

We conduct research with special devices to ensure that your medical tests give the best results.

Microscopic Examination

We are working to identify microorganisms and obtain a more reliable result.

100% Accurate Result

We ensure that you receive the right treatment by giving 100% correct results in all tests performed.

The Best and Accurate Research Laboratory for Your Health Tests

Laboratory is an environment that allows medical research, experiments and measurements to be carried out in a controlled manner and to develop these medical researches, experiments and controlled measurements.


Laboratory areas have entered many sectors today, many substances used in health, food and industry are also tested.


Our laboratory unit has international accreditation.


  •   100% customer satisfaction rate.
  •   Periodic Check-up health check.
  •   The testing lab with the best results.


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We Are Always Ready To Answer Your Health Problems

As Medical Laboratory, we have been providing satisfaction-oriented service with a good and principled laboratory understanding for many years.



With our well-equipped and expert healthcare team, we carry out and follow every process in detail in health.

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Your longetivity is entrusted to us.

What Did They Say About Us?

Opinions of some of our customers who received service from our laboratory.

My doctor recommended this lab to do genetic testing. I got my results really fast and reliably. It is a rare laboratory clinic that does its job properly. I am very satisfied with their services. Thank you for everything.


I needed sperm tests and genetic tests for my IVF treatment. My doctor recommended this hospital in the first place. I got my results very quickly. And I saw that they use really superior technologies. Thank you for everything.


It is a reliable clinic with a private laboratory where you can get professional service. I have my allergen tests and genetic tests done in this clinic. And I am very happy with everything. The tests I give are examined even microscopically.


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