SIERRA HOLDINGS a biotech company based in Reno NV with a 10,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art lab, with the primary mission to extend the human lifespan and healthspan through telomere maintenance.

SIERRA HOLDINGS focuses exclusively on research and licenses compounds to companies that develop products and take them to market.

Our goal is to rid the world of the disease called aging.

The Goal
The main goal is to rid the world of the disease called aging by discovering a supplement that induces telomerase expression and lengthens telomeres. Aging is a disease that can be cured. Many lifeforms on this planet, such as lobsters, tortoises, and clams have no detectable aging. Just because all humans age doesn’t mean that aging is not a disease. But because some animals don’t age means that aging IS a disease. Finding “The Cure for Aging” is the mission of this project.

100,000 to 150,000 people die in the World each day from aging. Many of the elderly live in nursing homes, assisted living homes, and hospices where everyday life is miserable and depressing because they can no longer take care of themselves and they know that their only remaining milestone in life is death. And that’s just the lucky ones that live in developed, industrialized, countries. In Third World countries there is very little care for the elderly and the best hospitals are surrounded by barbed wire fences holding back the poor elderly begging to be let in, where they often die on the streets. 100,000 people die every day


Why is aging important for the survival of a species?
“Survival of the Fittest” means survival of the fittest “species” not the fittest “individual” within a species. From an evolutionary perspective, a species is more likely to survive a rapidly changing environment if it eliminates its old. A billion years ago our ancestors probably didn’t age. Aging is something that most successful species evolved because it increases the shuffling of their genes within the species. That is, eliminating the old members of a species makes it more likely that the offspring will be able to interbreed without having to compete with the parents trying to re-breed. And interbreeding of the offspring provides more gene shuffling than re-breeding by the parents.

If every member of species A had the same genetics and every member of species B had differences in their genetics and the atmosphere suddenly became rich in chlorine gas, it is far more likely that at least a few members of species B will have the genetics that enable them to survive the new atmosphere than any member of species A will have. Species A will become extinct and species B will gradually recover to become a sprawling population again.

The more the genes are shuffled in a species the more likely it is that the species will survive a rapidly changing environment. There is actually no evolutionary advantage to living longer than it takes to raise your young. After you’ve raised your young you are actually an interference to the success of your species. Humans, many non-human primates, dogs, cats, horses, sheep, pig, and deer evolved a means to eliminate the old by shutting off the telomerase gene. And the length of their telomeres evolved to be just the right length to allow them to stay healthy just long enough to raise their young but no longer.

But humans are now smarter than evolution. Our species will still survive if we decrease the rate of gene shuffling in our species. Not only can we now control the survival of our “species” and other “species” by other means, but we can also control the survival of each “individual” within each species. Survival of the individual has never been the focus of evolution, but it is my focus. So, I’m going to turn the telomerase gene back on in all of us and all our pets that also suffer from telomere shortening.

I’m not the first to suggest that we allow the rate of gene shuffling in our species to be reduced. Humans have been reducing gene shuffling since the invention of monogamy. Humans and other animals would have probably never survived the rapidly changing environments that the earth experienced over the millenniums if they had always been monogamous. Even today’s birds that are often thought to be monogamous have been shown to be non-monogamous by paternity testing of their eggs.

We no longer need to be a slave to evolution.

“The end result, a cure for aging, is inevitable”
– Dr. Bill Andrews

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