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Total RNA Sequencing

The main way that telomere length affects aging is through regulating expression of genes on the chromosomes. Genes can be turned completely on, partially on, and completely off like lights in a room can be turned completely on, partially on, and completely off by a dimmer switch. By affecting telomere length people will want to know if doing so has the desired effect on their gene expression.

The best way to measure gene expression is by high throughput RNA sequencing of all the RNA’s in the blood cells or other tissues.

RNA sequencing will be the ultimate in Epigenetics which is the study of how genes are expressed. Clients will be able to learn about their Epigenetics of their Chromosomal, Mitochondrial, and Microbiome genes.

This one Diagnostic will detect every disease imaginable.


Assembly Research Required

Estimated Time: 6 months


2 Molecular Biologists (Scientists) that are skilled in RNA work.

Lab Space: 400 sf ($130/sf)

Office Space: 100 sf ($130/sf)



Floor Space










Office Supplies




Total Research Investment


What You Need to do

What You Need to do

The Entrepreneur or Investor will be responsible for all production and marketing. Sierra Sciences is a research company and will not be involved in production and marketing.

What we Will do

What we Will do

Dr. William Andrews and the team would be available to educate audiences on the science and business of each venture.

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