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Pharmaceutical Telomerase Inducers (Pharmaceutical to Slow Aging)

Sierra Sciences Mission is to discover a Pharmaceutical small-molecule drug that will induce enough telomerase expression to lengthen all telomeres, not just the shortest ones, and reverse the decline in health caused by all telomeropathies; including aging. Along the way we will discover small-molecule drugs that reduce the rate of telomere shortening; and we have already discovered many. The most potent so far is our patented pharmaceutical called C0314818 (aka TAM818).

At the time of this writing Sierra Sciences presently has exclusive and non-exclusive license agreements with Go-To-Market partners to market C0314818 in several territories. Entrepreneurs and Investors are invited to market C0314818 in the remaining territories. We also expect to discover more potent small-molecule drugs that will also be available to market.

Presently, C0314818 is by far the world’s most potent telomerase inducer, exhibiting about 16% as much induction of telomerase activity as we believe is necessary to stop telomere shortening. Sierra Sciences also has about a dozen other patented chemical compounds that are almost as potent as C0314818 and 900+ chemical compounds that are weaker. Many of those are also patented. In all cases, these chemicals are available to license to commercialize now.

The chemical structure of all the telomerase inducers, including C0314818, will be provided once agreements have been signed. The structures of most of the telomerase inducers, including C0314818 have not been found in any database of chemical structures that Sierra Sciences has searched. That is, they are very unique. And, in all cases, they satisfy the tenets of the “Lipinski’s rule of five” (see

All telomerase inducing pharmaceuticals can be marketed as supplements, pet products, skin care products, wound healing, eyecare, dental care, hair care, ex vivo therapies, stem cell enhancement, etc.


Pet Food Additives

A Pet Food Additive containing C0314818, is expected to be the most profitable product that can be derived from the discoveries that Sierra Sciences has made so far. This telomerase inducer is ready to be sprinkled on pet foods as soon as an Entrepreneur or Investor gains approval from the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), a division of the FDA, in the United States. Other countries will often have similar regulations. Sierra Sciences is seeking Entrepreneurs and Investors that can work with the CVM, or the equivalent in their own countries, to conduct the animal testing for safety and efficacy and obtain regulatory approval.

Pharmaceutical revenues worldwide Totaled 1.25 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019. (,trillion%20U.S.%20dollars%20in%202019).


No research required. It is ready to go. And more are on the way.

What You Need to do

What You Need to do

The Entrepreneur or Investor will be responsible for all production and marketing. Sierra Sciences is a research company and will not be involved in production and marketing.

What we Will do


Dr. William Andrews would be available to educate audiences on the science and business of each venture.

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