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Licensing Technologies

Sierra Holdings has exclusive right to negotiate and sell licensing of Sierra Science technology.

We offer next opportunities to cooperate:

Licensing Technologies

Companies or individuals can license our products and with our help to transfer technology they can produce and marketing their own products

The Entrepreneur or Investor will be responsible for all production and marketing.  Dr. William Andrews and team would be available to educate audiences on the science and business of each venture. Dr. Andrews will also be available to endorse any products that have acceptable and solid peer reviewed scientific studies supporting the product’s claims.

In some cases, the venture first requires additional scientific research. The Entrepreneur or Investor needs to provide the funding for the research as described in Technologies. Sierra Sciences already has most of the equipment needed to conduct the additional scientific research. The equipment requirements described in Technologies is only for equipment that Sierra Holdings cannot make available.


Sierra Holdings is open to investors and entrepreneurs who can purchase part of the company

– The Entrepreneur or investor will own 60% of the new marketing company.
– William Andrews will own 25% (not dilutable)
– 15% will be reserved for stock options for Sierra Sciences employees (not dilutable)
– 10% of Sales will go to Sierra Sciences to fund its research.


Sierra Holdings is interested to become publicly traded company. Acquiring Sierra Holdings  through SPAC is possible and open to negotiation.



Most of the Ventures involve the use of the Enzyme Telomerase to Lengthen Telomeres. Telomere length is believed to control all aspects of aging and lengthening them is believed to Reverse Aging. .

Sierra Holdings is providing 10+ Technologies, for 15+ Markets, of 27+ Disease Targets, for 4+ Animals. This enables over 1,000 different Business Opportunities. Some of these Business Opportunities are highlighted below.


Technologies that are possible to acquire and we are or will be able to provide.

– Growth Hormone (hGH)
– Immortal Cloning
– Telomerase Gene Therapy
– Cancer Diagnostics
– Cancer Treatments
– Telomere Length Measurement
– Telomere Protection
– Pharmaceutical Telomerase Inducers (Pharmaceutical to Slow Aging)
– Nutraceutical Telomerase Inducers (Nutraceutical to Slow Aging)
– Total RNA Sequencing


This are diseases that we can target with our technologies.

– Aging
– Aplastic Anemia
– Cancer
– Cardiomyopathy
– Cardiovascular Disease
– Covid 19
– Critical Limb Ischemia
– Degenerative Disc Disease
– Dementia (including Alzheimer’s)
– Demyelinating Disorders
– Down’s Syndrome
– Dyskeratosis Congenita
– Fanconi’s Anemia
– Idiopathic Infertility
– Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
– Immune Senescence
– Infectious Diseases
– Liver Cirrhosis
– Macular Degeneration
– Muscular Dystrophy
– Osteoarthritis
– Osteoporosis
– Progeria
– Rheumatoid Arthritis
– Skin Aging
– And many more (though the ones listed above will be the priorities)

What You Need to do

What You Need to do

The Entrepreneur or Investor will be responsible for all production and marketing. Sierra Sciences is a research company and will not be involved in production and marketing.

What we Will do

What we Will do

Dr. William Andrews and the team would be available to educate audiences on the science and business of each venture.

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